Qlik Health check

Like a human being, the system also needs a regular health checks. Health check ensures the smooth functioning of the system even when the load increases. We help organizations to understand the health of their BI architecture and suggest preventive maintenance strategies to increase the overall ROI on your BI investment.

Our health check report will help you analyze

  1. Infrastructure health
  2. Architectural health
  3. QVD Architecture health
  4. Application health
  5. Security and Governance health

Performance Optimizations

Low performance increases the annoyance level for the users which leads to a lower adoption rate and results in failure of the project. Performance should not only be looked at from increasing the dashboard response time, but it should also be done for the backend layer which builds the data for the dashboard.

We help organizations to improve the performance of

  1. ETL Layer
  2. Data Modeling
  3. Visualizations

Realtime log alerts

One of the major tasks of the Qlik admins is to ensure that the right data is available at right time to the right users and for which Admin needs real-time insights for the task that are scheduled. Most of the time, failure of one task can lead to re-executing the entire ETL process for clean data, which can cause a long time for the latest data for the dashboard. Real-time alerts can save admins from unnecessary escalations and proactively solve the issues.

Our alerting solution helps Qlik admins to get intimation when

  1. A task fails
  2. A task successful
  3. A task aborted

Migration and Upgrade Consulting

An important work of an Admin is to keep the software up to date to provide new features and functionality to their end-users. But upgrades and migrations sometimes become a pain if any error occurs during the activity. It is important to follow a defined process for conducting upgrade and migration activities to avoid unnecessary hassle. Our Qlik certified admins help to complete these activities by following the defined checklist of tasks that needs to be done before and after performing the upgrade and migration.

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