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Bi analysis

BI & Analytics

Advanced analytics is now considered essential to help you stay ahead of the curve as well as stay ahead of your competition. Our Analytics services apply advanced analytics to convert historical, real-time, traditional and big data into meaningful insights. Furthermore, we offer customized Business Intelligence solutions make strategic and operational business decisions supported by raw data. We specialize in offering a consolidated kit of services to help you resolve any data-related issue, such as designing reports, intuitive dashboards and developing data governance strategy for your business.

With our customizable BI dashboards you will be able to monitor Sales Analysis, Customer Analysis, Operational Analysis, Marketing Analysis, and Category/Merchandise Management. We provide Offshore BI & Outsourcing services with up-to-date business information so that all your decisions are carefully aligned with the long-term vision for that project.

With our in-house BI development team, we offer a host of BI services that enterprises can choose to outsource to benefit from improved profitability and to outmanoeuvre their competition. Some of these services include master data management, data integration, data warehousing, and data visualizations.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Data without visualization is as good as a person without a heart. Visualizations provide insights which are often missed by the naked eye. As the rate of data production rises each day, data visualization has become extremely important to companies to interpret data.

Cleansing data manually, can be a cumbersome process, hence, we offer our data visualization expertise, data analysis strategies, and INSIGHT framework to deliver quick, clear visual insights for you and your company. We focus on data visualization through BI, Tableau, and Qlik solutions.

Data Visualization & Reporting
Cloud Analytics

Cloud Analytics

Cloud advisory and cloud technology services are now the key technological drivers in the industry, hence, we focus on providing stable, secure and cost effective cloud architecture. We assist clients to build cloud solutions on platforms through a team of professional experts.

Our technology portfolio includes leading SaaS, PaaS and niche technology software providers. We focus on providing Cloud Advisory; Cloud Applications; Cloud Integration; Cloud Migration; and Managed services.

Data Warehouse & Data Lakes

Data warehouse and Data lakes have become crucial to handle the endless data generated in today's world. A data warehouse is basically a database which is optimized to analyse your relational data coming from transactional systems and various lines of business applications. Whereas. a data lake allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale without any formatting.

Through data warehouse and data lakes services, we offer secured storage, and cataloguing of data; smooth data movement; improved customer interactions; improved R&D innovation choices; and increased operational efficiencies.

Data Warehouse & Data Lakes
Data Preparation & Management

Data Preparation & Management

Data preparation and management include data profiling of your business.

We provide various data related services including discovering relationships between different sets of data; data prototyping; thorough profiling to detect problems; improve efficiencies; and increase client satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics

As modern day technologies develop and transform on a daily basis, advanced analytics has emerged as a necessary capability. Advanced analyses deploys mathematical and statistical formulas and algorithms to generate new information, to recognize patterns, and also to predict outcomes and their respective probabilities as a result of which, predictive analytics is considered as a part of advanced analytics. CliqVenus offers end to end production of insights through advanced analytics.

We intake raw data, build reports and BI dashboards, provide recommendations and automation to produce the final insight. We provide these services in collaboration with our partner - Qlik, through Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics is leveraged to integrate analytic capabilities and content into business applications, products, websites or portals to bring data to life. This can help your company to enhance the user experience while increasing its end-user adoption and in turn grow revenue.

We focus on providing embedded analytics solutions through External portals; Business applications and processes and applications; Public websites; and Commercial software products.

Cloud Services

Cloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps is extremely crucial to increase software delivery speed, make services more reliability, and building shared ownership. We help you adopt a unified development function which creates better software in the first time, saving your time by cutting troubleshooting.

Cloud consulting

CliqVenus provides cloud consulting services which helps you choose the right cloud solutions for smooth integration and optimal return on technology and investment. We further offer our clients by analysing cloud readiness, drawing a road-map for a successful cloud migration, integration and development services.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration consists of relocating a business's data to a cloud infrastructure for a seamless access to the data. We offer end to end cloud migration services to our clients to monitor the migration projects carefully to avoid setbacks and ensure successful implementation and transition.

Cloud Security

We employ cloud native security control in place alongside the add-on components like Security Groups and NACL for firewalls and DDoS. Our services protect the physical infrastructure, data, applications, networks and endpoint devices with smart technology. We leverage strategic alliance with top security product suppliers and bring custom security solutions to meet our client’s requirements.

Cloud services

With the transformation of IT infrastructure in across various industries, most of the companies have already migrated to cloud. But, usually these companies do not consider the difficulty of migrating the critical IT services and infrastructure to the cloud, which eventually sets them back. CliqVenus provides cloud migration and deployment services which are structured and follow a risk-mitigated approach. We offer end to end cloud deployment solutions with a focus on strategy and assessment; governance; and real-time enterprise transformation.

Business Productivity

These days businesses feel the need to enhance their productivity especially with more and more employees working from their homes. Business productivity services not only drives the productivity up but also makes the user feel more comfortable.

CliqVenus allows you to increased your business productivity through implementation of the following tools:

Business Productivity