You have made your investments in Qlik products and it’s time to get the best Performance, Adoption, and ROI from the investments. Cliqvenus are a Qlik Partner and we have been hand-holding our customers in their entire Qlik journey. You can depend on us for your simple to complex requirements ranging from migrations, optimization, audits, workshops, installations to or just simple dashboard development.

QlikView to Qlik Sense Migration

Lots of organizations continue to stay invested in QlikView and with the evolution of Qlik Sense and its capabilities they are now thinking of making the shift. Over years, a lot of QlikView apps get developed and it can be a daunting task to move them to Qlik Sense. The temptation is to just replicate the screens as is in Qlik Sense as this has the least business resistance. However, this may not be the best approach as it would miss the substantial power and the very purpose of Qlik Sense which is much more of a mobile-ready platform. With our long experience in both platforms, we have helped customers seamlessly migrate their QlikView applications to Qlik Sense. Our experts have done this by studying each QlikView app in detail and drawing out a clear migration plan for each application. The current data models may need optimizations, UI completely relooked at and best practices incorporated for creating new dashboards. We follow this up with user training and adoption workshops. This helps users make an easy switch and also creates ground for self-service and more collaboration.

Qlik Sense and QlikView Admin Services

Organizations may start with a small footprint of Qlik and initially, the administration overheads are less. However, as your number of dashboards and users gets bigger, the administration can become messy. Self-service without governance is surely a nightmare that organizations should be wary of. Larger deployments need experts who are well versed in managing the Qlik instance not only from the architecture and deployment perspective but even security and governance. Doing small and important things as per best practices makes it easy to manage your instance as new applications are rolled out and new users are added. We have a team of certified Qlik Admin experts who will ensure your Qlik deployments follow best practices. We also offer services for upgrading to newer versions and routine admin maintenance.

Qlik Sense and QlikView Application Development

Designing Insightful Dashboards is an art and imperative towards a successful BI project. We have more than 10 years of experience designing and developing Qlik Dashboards. Our teams of certified Qlik professionals, some of them who are MVPs and Luminary, have experience in developing dashboards across various functions like Sales, Marketing, Finance, SCM, HR, Operations and across industries such as Manufacturing, Pharma, BSFI, Retail, ITES. The dashboards are designed after understanding users’ challenges, requirements and bringing in industry best practices enabling users to find insights and make informed decisions. Our implementations involved bringing data from multiple systems such as ERPs, CRM, SCM, HRMS, Excel, social media and various other sources. We also help users by hand holding them post go-live with training and adoption workshops.

Qlik Sense and QlikView Workshops

Once dashboards are developed it’s important to focus on user adoption. Training is important to give users confidence and comfort using the dashboards. Our team helps you drive adoption with training. We conduct various training sessions meant for different user personas. End user training focuses on helping end users adapt to the system and helping them understand navigation, functions, self-service, collaboration and other tips and tricks to use the system efficiently. For customer teams who want to learn Qlik we conduct workshops to enable them on Qlik technical functions including modelling, scripting and UI best practices. We also conduct Admin workshops which help the admin team to configure and manage Qlik system with proper governance and security.

BI Adoption Advisory

A lot of studies have found that many BI projects fail with very low adoption. Every organization wants users to use it to the maximum extent to make data-driven informed decisions and leverage its investment to the maximum. Cliqvenus team has worked with several customers for over 10 years and has observed patterns driving usage and adoption. There isn’t a single solution to drive adoption. Different factors play a role in different organizations. Some of the aspects are revisiting user expectations, conducting dashboard review workshops, architecture review, and training sessions for various user groups. The expectation of a CEO is very different from field force and both of them need to be shown the same data differently.  Often, some of the dashboards require to rework to leverage unique aspects of BI and audience to ensure they meet user requirements for ease of use.

Qlik Sense and QlikView Performance Optimization

One of the reasons users stop using BI is due to slow performance. Especially senior management users quickly lose interest if they have to wait for the dashboard to update after they make selection or filter data. Dashboards may have been developed under time pressure and in parts missing best practices. With time and increased data, the dashboards could slow down. Infrastructure which hosts Qlik needs to be reviewed as usage increases. Our experienced development team reviews and optimizes every aspect which contributes to slowness and comes up with recommendations. Our team will help you implement the recommendations and ensure your speedy growth with Qlik.

Qlik Sense Architecture Audit

QlikView and Qlik Sense often start at a department level and then grow to the enterprise level. As your install grows, the architecture needs ongoing review. Often this aspect gets side-lined as the apps get developed and more and more data gets pumped in. At some stage, this could lead to performance issues, high CPU/RAM consumptions leading to user dissatisfaction eventually dropping adoption. Our Qlik certified architects can help you review your Qlik deployment. This is an extensive work involving the study of various aspects such as system architecture, data architecture, app design, infra sizing, studying user concurrency, data reloads, and other finer aspects. Based on the study we recommend the proposed changes. We also implement recommendations helping you regain user confidence and increase adoption.

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