Microsoft has a strong focus on Data and Analytics. Through its various product offering, it helps customers to visualize their data better. PowerBI is a natural extension of the power O365 suite of Microsoft enabling organizations to deploy self-service analytics to a larger workforce. PowerBI gives various deployment options to the customer. PowerBI has been a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last few years.

Data warehousing

For organizations to derive value from their data, it’s important to have data from different sources in a common data warehouse. SQL Server DW is a very prudent choice for several customers to start with. Depending on scale and comfort with the cloud, we can go with an on-premise SQL Server or leverage Azure SQL Warehouse.

For customers who have matured on their BI journey and are looking for scalability, the Azure Synapse platform which helps to leverage Azure SQL Warehouse, Machine learning, and Databricks is a good choice.

Microsoft ETL

ETL is the real effort in building a data warehouse. We have expertise working with multiple ETL/ELT tools including Microsoft SSIS and Azure Data Flow. With data transformation and business logic applied, clean data gets pushed to the Datawarehouse allowing organizations to utilize the data-warehouse to the fullest extent with confidence.

Microsoft PowerBI Dashboards

Once the data-warehouse is ready, the next step is to build intuitive dashboards for end-user to know the health of the business and take better and informed business decisions. Our team has several years of expertise in building dashboards for various functions and industry domains. With our focus on data strategy and analytics, we enable users to derive hidden insights across different devices. We have expertise in embedded analytics allowing organizations to provide a seamless user experience.

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